How to access Upper Mechanar (Reposted)

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How to access Upper Mechanar (Reposted) Empty How to access Upper Mechanar (Reposted)

Post  Dusk on Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:49 am

Again, yet another guide I made back in my WoW days, that I'll be reposting. It mentions an area in Mechanar which is VERY overlooked, but has some neat stuff. If you want to go there for the recipes or pure curiosity, here's how.

In this thread I'll be covering up Tempest Keep: Mechanar. On this particular instance, two bosses, Nethermancer Sepethrea and Pathaleon the Calculator, are pretty much unreachable, because the lift in this instance won't take you to their floor, making them impossible to kill. Right? WRONG! Warriors, through a particular spot, can actually phase through to their floor, which I'll be dubbing Upper Mechanar.

Here's how to do it.

1. Get to Mechanar, kill the trash and get to this place.

How to access Upper Mechanar (Reposted) WoWScrnShot_010709_220547

See that cube on the top of that pile in the screenshot? You warriors will need to get to the top of that. After that, take a look at this other screenshot:

How to access Upper Mechanar (Reposted) WoWScrnShot_010709_221214

See that mob I'm targetting? YOU need to use Charge on that mob. Jump off the top cube, and while mid-air, you should be able to reach the mob by charging it, and your character should get stuck on the floor above as shown in this screenshot:

How to access Upper Mechanar (Reposted) WoWScrnShot_010709_221231

Congrats, you're inside Upper Mechanar. Get those bosses and item previously unattainable, and tell your healers below to heal you if you want to live. Razz

P.S: I tested this with my warrior BUT I bet any other class with a similar skill like warriors' charge could do the same.

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