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Guild Rules & Regulations Empty Guild Rules & Regulations

Post  Ammellisan on Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:17 pm

Hunter-General : Leader
All rights and powers
Praefectus: Second in command
All rights and powers the leader has
Consul: Co leaders
All right and powers except consul promotion
Tribune: High officer
Full access to GB and ability to invite
Praetorian: Mid Officer
Some access to GB and ability to invite
Primus: Low officer
Ability to invite
Centurion: 70
Legionaire: 40+
Tiro: 0+


Rules apply to ALL members, including members of consulate and the leader!
1: English in Guildchat
2: no full caps in guildchat
3: no flaming in guildchat
4: no ninjaing in Guild raids
5: epics from GB only for officers
6: no level 70 may be excluded from Graids(unless they are greenies wanting to go to SWP, or the raid is full)
7: No begging in guildchat
8: Don't ask for a promotion

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